[Backgroundrb-devel] Broken thread Safe connection Management on Mysql (Mysql too many connections errors)

Michael D'Auria michael.dauria at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 22:07:54 EDT 2006

If you call this within the worker:


It will close it's connection to the DB.  Just make sure you call it after
it's done :)

.: Michael :.

On 10/24/06, Renaud Morvan <renaud.morvan at feedback20.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There is an issue on socket connection with backgroundrb (rev 47) and
> mysql backend: after a certain number of job you reach the mysql
> connection limit as socket are never closed and nobody can connect to
> mysql anymore till you stop the backgroundrb daemon.
> Already reported on:
> http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/backgroundrb-devel/2006-July/000066.html,
> http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/backgroundrb-devel/2006-August/000169.html
> It is quite easy to reproduce:
> - just have a simple worker with a simple command using AR (Model.find I.E
> .)
> - open a console and launch the work 100+ times, an exception will be
> raised 'too many connection'. The whole system won't be able to use
> mysql anymore as mysql socket are not closed
> In my humble opinion there are two reasons for it:
> - ActiveRecord::Base.allow_concurrency = true
> That will make every thread open it's own socket to mysql
> - Mysql adapter implementations (RAILS or gems) that close connection on
> Garbage connexion (using ObjectSpace.define_finalizer )
> There is probably a memory leak on connections as the Proc  finalizer is
>   not be executed when worker thread is killed (= connections are not
> GC). In this case the only way to release the sockets is to close the
> backgroundrb daemon.
> Those two phenomenons lead to an accumulation of opened socket till you
> reach the system limit, and when you reach it, nothing no new
> connections can be done on mysql anymore on the whole system. (this is
> observable with a netstat |grep mysql)
> This can be workaround by setting ActiveRecord::Base.allow_concurrency
> to false (do not see the risks but there are some probably) or by
> manually closing the connections in worker before termination the tread
> (in this case you have to use job_ctrl to avoid thread to be killed
> before having closed the connections)
> Cronned restart of backgroundrb also fix this :)
> Anyway maybe the problem is in the design of Backgroundrb itself, that
> should use a pool of thread and not create as many thread as there are
> works, in this case the pool of thread will use a finite number of
> socket, whose connections will be reused.
> Otherwise it would be good to find the memory leak (= why killing thread
> don't make connections to be GC, or more precisely why
> ObjectSpace.define_finalizer does not work in this case) but it seems to
> be a bit tricky.( some rubyist seems to have the same kind of problem
> with thread and ObjectSpace.define_finalizer
> http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-core/291 or
> http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/145913)
> Hope this help, if someone has better solutions please talk :)
> Renaud Morvan
> http://exalead.feedback20.com
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