[Backgroundrb-devel] Memory staying high even after calling MiddleMan.gc!(Time.now)

Cameron Booth cameron at theworkinggroup.ca
Wed Oct 18 17:29:12 EDT 2006

Hi there,

I'm just implementing backgroundrb to see if I can offload some  
"processor intensive" areas of my rails app (generating PDFs with  
lots of imagery in them, using rFPDF and rMagick as well).

So far I've been able to figure it out fairly quickly....it's a  
pretty cool tool!

Some questions though:


I'm running the basic cron-job script to call GC every few minutes  
via cron, and generally while memory usage shoots up when I'm  
processing, shortly after it drops back down (base level is about  
20Mb). However, in some cases during my testing (trying to hit it  
many times, etc), it seems like it gets stuck at higher memory usage  
(like 120Mb!!). The cron job seems to do nothing to help


What are people's experiences running 2 instances on the same box? I  
have a development site, and the live site running on the same box.  
Do I have to have them run drb on separate ports (by editing the port  
# on deploy via Capistrano?), or can it run in both places on the  
same port, but with a different environment?

Thanks in advance!!


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