[Backgroundrb-devel] Start script is perfectly fine or How to look like an idiot

Christian Romney xmlblog at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 11:32:47 EDT 2006

Ok let this be a lesson to the general public. If you want to look as
idiotic as I do right now do the following:
Stay up all night and attempt to debug code the next day without coffee
Patch the wrong file RAILS_ROOT/scripts/backgroundrb/start instead of one in
plugin dir.
Create a patch in the right location containing nothing but an extra space
Send it to the whole Ruby community AND file a bug.
Only afterward, look at any of the damn files to discover  that you've made
an ass of yourself.

Got it? Good!

Apologies to everyone. Apparently when I updated the plugin and re-ran rake
backgroundrb:setup it
did not overwrite my old version of the start script with the new, correct
one already in trunk.

Best Regards,
Christian Romney
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