[Backgroundrb-devel] BackgrounDRb newbie stuck at first base. Fresh pair of eyes needed

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 15:33:18 EDT 2006

On Oct 12, 2006, at 12:28 PM, Chris T wrote:

> Ezra Zygmuntowicz wrote:
>> On Oct 12, 2006, at 9:37 AM, Frederick Cheung wrote:
>>> On 12 Oct 2006, at 16:18, Chris T wrote:
>>>> Can't believe I can't see the problem here, but after a few hours
>>>> bashing my head on a brick wall, going to risk looking stupid by
>>>> seeing
>>>> if anyone can point out my idiocy (that's the worst thing about  
>>>> coding
>>>> on your own).
>>> Random guess: you haven't restarted the backgroundrb process since
>>> you've added the progress method ?
>>> Fred
>>     Also I am not entirely sure that you can use respond_to?  
>> across a drb connection like that. Because drb uses method missing  
>> internally to dispatch across the wire it won't be able to  
>> respond_to? what you are trying to do. Is it just the test case  
>> that is failing?
>> -EZra
> Ezra
> I've tried doing this through the console, just to see where the  
> prob is, but keep having difficulties with all the requires. Do I  
> need to do all the requires in the test case, including requiring  
> the worker? Keep getting uninitialized constant... Could that be a  
> clue, or won't it work via the console.
> Cheers for your help
> Chris


	It will work fine from the console as long as the backgroundrb  
server is running before you start script/console then you can just  
access the MidleMan directly. Make sure you have entirely killed the  
drb server and then restart it and drop into script/console and try  
it from there. Does it work if you try to use one of the example  
workers at all? Have you ever had the plugin working yet and just now  
its broken or what? Also I see in your unit test that you are testing  
for hse_notices_retrieved but you didnt make an attr_accessor for it.  
 From what you have showed me I don't see any reason why it shouldn't  
be working. Make sure that you have really killed the server and then  
restart it and try again.


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