[Backgroundrb-devel] Zombies?

skaar skaar at waste.org
Mon Nov 27 16:03:59 EST 2006

ok, this was was lingering for a while as I suspected it was related to
another issue, but if you are running off trunk, the fix for this is in
as of:


we shouldn't be that far off from 0.2.1 now.


* Matt White (stockliasteroid at gmail.com) [061122 16:47]:
>    Hey all,
>    Quick question about handling completed workers...
>    Most of my workers are one-offs that just let me spin off a long-running
>    file transfer process and then they just need to self-destruct when
>    completed. Thus, at the end of my do_work, I just call self.delete to (in
>    theory) self-destruct.
>    However, while checking the jobs.size from the console, I've noticed that
>    this doesn't seem to be working. Further, by grabbing the worker keys via
>    jobs.keys, I try to manually call delete_worker to kill them off, and I
>    get a RuntimeError "not beating" from Slave. However, when I call
>    jobs[key].shutdown? to see if the job is dead, it returns false,
>    indicating the the job isn't "shut down". So, I can't seem to have the
>    workers self-destruct, and I can't kill them from the MiddleMan, either.
>    The only solution seems to be to call shutdown({:quiet => true}) to
>    suppress errors from slave. However, I don't know if this will actually
>    succeed in whacking the process...
>    Calling gc! basically results in the same behavior, because it tries to
>    call delete_worker and I get the same "not beating" error.
>    If this is a bug, I'll put it in trac, but it seems like I must be doing
>    something wrong.
>    Thanks!
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