[Backgroundrb-devel] Multiple backgroundrb servers?

Jodi Showers jodi at nNovation.ca
Mon Nov 20 10:17:30 EST 2006

In the past I developed a similar system to backgroundRB that used  
java spaces.

We'd submit jobs to the space process, and then workers would pull  
jobs from the space.

Using that architecture processes could be upgraded, without  
impacting jobs, jobs dispatching - (incidentally sing multiple rinda  
spaces, is very useful for testing).

Ez, You were speaking once about Rinda. Is that still a consideration?

lurker Jodi.

On 17-Nov-06, at 10:23 AM, Erik Morton wrote:

> I have concerns about deploying code with BackgroundRB processes
> running as well. Though I haven't looked into the code yet to see if
> there is a way to cut off all new requests to wait for existing
> processes to finish before deploying. Have you had any additional
> thoughts on this?
> Regards,
> Erik
> On Nov 9, 2006, at 2:29 PM, Jason Sydes wrote:
>> What are people are doing when they need to deploy a new code
>> base?  You can't just restart backgroundrb, because then you lose
>> any long-running backgroundrb processes.   But then you'd
>> conceivably have to wait several hours for all your procs to
>> complete before pushing out the new code base.
>> I was originally thinking that during code deploys, we'd start up a
>> second backgroundrb server (on the new code base) and shunt all new
>> jobs to it, and wait for all the existing jobs on the first
>> backgroundrb server to complete before shutting the first one
>> down.  A flip-flop essentially.
>> But then I realized that backgroundrb doesn't currently support
>> multiple servers on a single rails installation.  I noticed a
>> ticket contemplating the use of Rinda for a future release, but
>> wasn't sure if that implementation would address this scenario.
>> I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, so I thought I'd write
>> to the list and see if anyone had any thoughts.
>> Thanks!
>> Jason
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