[Backgroundrb-devel] Multiple backgroundrb servers?

Erik Morton eimorton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 10:23:51 EST 2006

I have concerns about deploying code with BackgroundRB processes  
running as well. Though I haven't looked into the code yet to see if  
there is a way to cut off all new requests to wait for existing  
processes to finish before deploying. Have you had any additional  
thoughts on this?

On Nov 9, 2006, at 2:29 PM, Jason Sydes wrote:

> What are people are doing when they need to deploy a new code  
> base?  You can't just restart backgroundrb, because then you lose  
> any long-running backgroundrb processes.   But then you'd  
> conceivably have to wait several hours for all your procs to  
> complete before pushing out the new code base.
> I was originally thinking that during code deploys, we'd start up a  
> second backgroundrb server (on the new code base) and shunt all new  
> jobs to it, and wait for all the existing jobs on the first  
> backgroundrb server to complete before shutting the first one  
> down.  A flip-flop essentially.
> But then I realized that backgroundrb doesn't currently support  
> multiple servers on a single rails installation.  I noticed a  
> ticket contemplating the use of Rinda for a future release, but  
> wasn't sure if that implementation would address this scenario.
> I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, so I thought I'd write  
> to the list and see if anyone had any thoughts.
> Thanks!
> Jason
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