[Backgroundrb-devel] acls in 0.2.0?

Scott Davies scottd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 16:43:28 EST 2006

Hi --

Just trying to get started with backgroundrb 0.2.0 after having
glanced at an earlier version and thought "cool, I'll definitely need
this later."  I notice that the old sample config file has the
following in it:

  deny: all
  allow: localhost
  order: deny,allow

I'm not seeing this in the sample configuration in the current README,
though, and I'm not seeing any documentation on config files other
than that one example.  The README mentions "some options are obsolete
and will just be ignored", so I'm naturally hesitant to assume that if
I add an acl to the current config file and it doesn't explode then I
must be protected from external hackers.

What's the deal with acls in 0.2.0, and is there any documentation for
config files that I just haven't found yet?


-- Scott

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