[Backgroundrb-devel] New Backgroundrb Speed Issues?

skaar skaar at waste.org
Tue Nov 7 21:20:40 EST 2006

* Jason Fox (jfoxny at gmail.com) [061107 19:54]:
> The new backgroundrb seemed to me to be markedly slower than the old  
> one.  So, I ran a "side-by-side" comparison test using a worker that  
> I had written which parses a CSV file and loads the results into a  
> database.  The results?  The latest version appears to take twice as  
> long to run the same code as the previous version.  Has anyone else  
> experienced speed issues with the new version?

there is more setup when you are creating a new worker now, but
performance when that is done, shouldn't be any worse. What kind of
difference are you seeing?


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