[Backgroundrb-devel] Rather ominous resource consumption figures

Douglass Turner douglass.turner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 09:37:33 EDT 2006


Yesterday I posted about how to email from a worker. I decided to be a bit
piggy and just inhale all of rails. Sorted. I am noticing some rather
ominous behavior though.

The setup: My worker takes an uploaded image as a param and passes it (via
system call) to a C++ image processing engine. Take a look at these memory
consumption figures for successive runs uploading the identical image each

All figures in megabytes

343 C++ image processing idle
365 max memory consumption during 3rd C++ image processing run

318 C++ image processing idle
340 max memory consumption during 2nd C++ image processing run

290 C++ image processing idle
310 max memory consumption during 1st C++ image processing run

256 fire up rails + lighttpd
225 fire up backgroundrb

207 base (Linux box idle)

As Sly Stone used to say ".. I want to take you hiya ..". Any thoughts on
how to tame this beast?

Doug Turner
skype: dduuggllaa
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