[Backgroundrb-devel] [ANN] New release! and Database access for workers

P.Mark Anderson mark at martianrover.com
Thu Jun 15 01:27:32 EDT 2006

>>> BackgrounDRb doesn't need all of rails loaded. THat would make it
>>> consume way more memory then it needs
>> ...I decided to simply include the whole Rails environment...
> 	Can you do me a favor? Start up your drb server that requires all  
> your rails stuff and use top to see how much mem it takes up. If  
> you can just copy paste some top output that would be cool. I'm  
> curious to see how much ram it takes up with everything loaded.  
> When I run it without ActiveRecord or anything other then itself  
> and a few workers it only takes up 2-3Mb of ram. ActiveRecord adds  
> a bit to this bringing it up to 8Mb or so.

602M free goes to 581M free, so it consumes ~20 megabytes.  Running  
BackgrounDRb this way is equivalent to running the console.  Too bad,  
since the only thing missing after loading my AR models and extra  
libs is the @logger instance (I think).


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