[Backgroundrb-devel] MY worker won't stop working

Chris H chris at etechdata.com.au
Mon Jul 31 19:30:26 EDT 2006

> On Jul 30, 2006, at 5:11 PM, Chris H wrote:
>> Hi Ezra,
>> thanks for the reply.
>> There's a ruby process that appears in top when I fire off the do_work
>> method.
>> It uses around 30-50% cpu and disappears once all processing has  
>> completed.
>> When I try to stop processing using delete_worker I was expecting this
>> ruby process to stop,
>> but understand/expect that backgroundrb is still running.
>> I tried
>> MiddleMan[:process_watcher].terminate &&  MiddleMan.delete_worker
>> (:process_watcher)
>> however this seems to do less then MiddleMan.delete_worker
>> (:process_watcher)  on its own.
>> As Michael Siebert wrote, will I need to have do_work return when I  
>> want
>> my process to stop?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Chris.
> Hey Chris-
>     By itself Backgroundrb won't spawn any extra processes except for  
> itself. Are you doing a system call or using `` to call an external  
> program? Or are you using fork at all? Maybe if you paste your worker  
> code and how you are calling it here I can help you track down the  
> issue.
> -Ezra

Hi Ezra,

Sorry I've been a bit misleading.  When viewing top I had the processes 
ordered by cpu % usage.  So when I ran my worker
it appeared at the top and then disappeared off the list once it was 
I'm not using a system call or any external program in my worker.  It's 
main function is to read data from a file into a database.

I've been successful in getting the worker to stop now by adding a 
stop_work method to my worker which sets @running to false in the 
process_cdr class and causes the code in do_work to return.
My woker method stop_work calls processs_cdr.stop_process:

 def stop_work

 def do_work(args)
   # This method is called in it's own new thread when you
   # call new worker. args is set to :args
   if args
     @process_cdr = ProcessCdr.new(args)
     @process_cdr = ProcessCdr.new

When @running is set to false the loop breaks and process() returns.
This is the main code from the process_cdr class:

 def stop_process
   @running = false

 def process
   @running = true
   @time_start = Time.new.to_f
   @files_processed = 0
   phone_service_accounts = PhoneServiceAccount.find(:all)
   phone_service_accounts.each do |myPsa|       process_class_name = 
     @current_account = myPsa.name
     if @file.strip.length == 0
       @phone_service_cdr = PhoneServiceCdr.find(:all, :conditions => 
"processed = 'n'")
       @phone_service_cdr = PhoneServiceCdr.find(:all, :conditions => 
"processed = 'n' AND name='#{@file}'")
     @total_files = @phone_service_cdr.size.to_i         
@phone_service_cdr.each do |myPsc|             @current_file = myPsc.name
       @process_class = 
       finished_processing_cdr = false
       while(@running && !finished_processing_cdr)
         @process_class.process_records do |record|
           PhoneServiceRecord.new do |phone_service_record|
             phone_service_number = PhoneServiceNumber.find(:first, 
:conditions => "number = '#{record[:charged_party]}'")
             customer_id = 0
             customer_id = phone_service_number.customer_id if 
phone_service_number != nil
             phone_service_record.date_time = record[:date_time]
             phone_service_record.duration = record[:duration]
             phone_service_record.originating_number = 
             phone_service_record.terminating_number = 
             phone_service_record.charged_party = record[:charged_party]
             phone_service_record.currency = record[:currency]
             phone_service_record.wholesale_cost = record[:wholesale_cost]
             phone_service_record.customer_cost = record[:customer_cost]
             phone_service_record.distance = record[:distance]
             phone_service_record.is_local = record[:is_local]
             phone_service_record.type_of_call = record[:type_of_call]
             phone_service_record.rate_code = record[:rate_code]
             phone_service_record.batchname = record[:batchname]
             phone_service_record.customer_id = customer_id
             phone_service_record.phone_service_account_id = myPsa.id
         finished_processing_cdr = true
         @files_processed += 1
         myPsc.processed = 'y'
       return false if !@running
   @running = false   end

I'm not to sure if this is the correct way to go about stopping the 
worker.  How does this look to you?

Thanks in advance,

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