[Backgroundrb-devel] [PATCH-SUGGESTION] autostarting workers

Michael Siebert info at siebert-wd.de
Mon Jul 31 16:17:44 EDT 2006

Hi there,
as i stated before in my talk with Ben Johnson, I hacked a little bit and
here it is - autostarting jobs. I think someone (eh... Ezra) should review
it and check to see if i made any mistakes. Also i dont have the possibility
to test it on other-than-Windows systems, but since the calling process
works just the same, it should do well...
Now the neccesary evil, the documentation...
If you want a worker to start when BackgrounDRb start, you just have to add
a few lines to your backgroundrb.yml file:

[.. your config...]
    class: foo_worker
    args: bar

args can be everything YAML allows. Since the backgroundrb.yml file is
parsed by ERb _before_ YAML, conditional autostart is possible, just like in
your rhtml templates. But keep in mind that the Rails environment is loaded
_after_ the config file is parsed, so you won't have access to your Models!
Don't forget: Have fun!

Michael Siebert <info at siebert-wd.de>

www.stellar-legends.de - Weltraum-Browsergame im Alpha-Stadium
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