[Backgroundrb-devel] Very strange after_save problem. Please help.

Ben Johnson bjohnson at contuitive.com
Mon Jul 17 18:49:44 EDT 2006

I have a very strange problem here. I do not get this. So any help is  
greatly appreciated.

Basically I have a model that calls a method in the background  
process in the "after_save" method. Let's call the model products. So  
what happens is this:

1. I create a new product.
2. Everything works and the product is saved with id 13.
3. A method is called in my background process passing it the NEW  
product id in the after_save method.
4. That method in the background process says "Can't find Product  
with id=13".
5. An exception is then passed back to my after_save method and the  
product rolls back like adding it never happened. Because when an  
exception is raised in after_save it rolls back.

So I figured maybe it wasn't connecting to the database or something.  
I adding a product in the db manually and added the following in my  
backgroundrb method:

p = Product.find_all
raise p.inspect

I try to add another product and it shows me that product I just  
added into the database manually but not the one that was just  
created through the product model. So the backgrond process is  
connecting to the database.

So in my after_save method i did the following to make sure it was  
getting into the database:

p = Product.find id
raise p.inspect

I tried to add a product again and it raised an exception with the  
product information that I JUST added.

Why is backgroundrb not seeing new additions to the database when  
being called from after_save? It's like backgroundrb doesn't  
acknowledge it's existence until after_save is finished.

Anyways, if this is the case, is there a work around so that I can  
invoke a backgroundrb method on a freshly saved product?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Thank You,
Ben Johnson
E: bjohnson at contuitive.com

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