[Backgroundrb-devel] Problems with ActiveRecord in workers

Maximilian Schöfmann Maximilian.Schoefmann at stud.ifi.lmu.de
Fri Jul 7 13:52:32 EDT 2006

Hi *,

are there some special settings except of "load_rails: true" to make
ActiveRecord models accessible within my workers?
I've just installed the latest version of this great plugin, but I keep

  undefined method [] for #<DRb::DRbUnknown:0x12345> (line 105 in

when one of the arguments for the worker is an ActiveRecord object.
I assume that the MiddleMan somehow doesn't see my models. I have
already tried to put

  model :blabla, :foo, :bar

in application.rb, but this didn't help.

Any ideas?


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