[Backgroundrb-devel] Is there a way to make backgroundrb 0.2.1 fail silently on win32?

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 14:38:53 EST 2006

On Dec 14, 2006, at 9:55 AM, Eden Li wrote:

> After upgrading to backgroundrb 0.2.x, Rails barfs lstat errors  
> left and right when using the console or webrick or mongrel on  
> win32.  We run our site on a Linux server, so I'm not trying to get  
> backgroundrb to work on a win32 machine.  I just want to quietly  
> stop loading itself if it detects that it's on a win32 machine so  
> that the rest of Rails can continue to load.
> Most of our developers are working on win32 machines and they're  
> focused on other parts of our site, so it would be nice for them to  
> be able to continue working on their bits of code even though  
> backgroundrb is sitting dormant in the vendor/plugins directory.
> I tried searching for a way to disable certain plugins in config/ 
> environment.rb, but it appears this idea was batted down by DHH:  
> http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/5468
> Is there something I can do to monkey patch my svn:externals'd link  
> to backgroundrb 0.2.1 to prevent it from loading itself if PLATFORM  
> =~ /win32/i?
> I could unlink backgroundrb from the devjavu svn repository and do  
> the patch myself on the code, but I'd prefer not to store  
> backgroundrb in my own SVN repo.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> eden

	I don't know of any way to do conditional svn:externals sorry. Maybe  
for now you could remove backgroundrb from your svn repo and set  
svn:ignore on it. Then just have it in there locally but not checking  
it in. Then you could also keep a copy of backgroundrb on the server  
and have your deploy cap task symlink it into the app after deploy.


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