[Backgroundrb-devel] Question about acls

Stephen Weiss sweiss at stylesight.com
Tue Dec 5 09:44:31 EST 2006

On Dec 4, 2006, at 7:45 PM, Jason Sydes wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> Not sure if this will help, but a few things to note:

Thanks for the reply!
> 1) I've had to turn completely off my Mac OS X firewall to get DRb  
> processes to communicate to each other (if I don't I get the  
> DRb::DRbConnError exception that you also got).  I might've screwed  
> something up, but that's at least worth a shot.

My firewalls are totally off, I have a PIX for that.  The pix doesn't  
affect any traffic between the two machines (they're directly linked  
for file sharing, connections between the two servers go over this  
direct link).

> 2) I'm pretty sure (?) that you don't explicitly set the :uri in  
> the config file.  Instead, it looks like it's built from :host  
> and :port.

Yeah I wasn't sure about this either, but it doesn't seem to like it  
makes a difference.  If I take out the line for uri, it works just  
the same.

> 3) Also, not sure if you're already doing this, but you probably  
> want separate config files for server1 and server2.  The Middleman  
> proxy object setup *and* the backgroundrb server setup both use the  
> same config file.  The following isn't tested, but something like  
> this might work (note that you should probably just replace  
> 'server1' and 'server2' with 'localhost' since they're the same  
> thing in your devel env)

Yes, I understood this part.  There is a separate configuration file  
for server1.  However, I don't think the config file for server1 has  
much to do with the problem at hand - server2 is not allowing  
connections from ipv4 localhost, let alone remote servers, so the  
remote server(1)'s configuration is a moot point.  First I'll get it  
to the point where I can connect from server1 in the first place -  
then I'll worry about how server1 is configured.

That being said, my configuration for server1, I think, would be  
something like:

port: 22222
timer_sleep: 60
load_rails: true
environment: development
host: server2
uri: druby://server2:22222/
database_yml: config/database.yml
pool_size: 10

(again, maybe not the uri line)

And yes, the database.yml's are both set up correctly.  But honestly  
I hadn't even worried about it, without connectivity it won't help much.

I think I might try a different port, or just building a straight-up  
druby connection and see if that works, to eliminate any other  
trouble.  I still feel like it's something with the ACL though....   
Again thanks for any help!


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