[Backgroundrb-devel] Dreamhost issues

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 14:43:17 EDT 2006

	Hmm yeah that sucks. Dreamhost is know for killing long running  
tasks. There is a frao handler someone made for fcgi so that when  
dreamhost tries to tell your fcgi's to die, they will just trap the  
kill signal and continue on running. It is possible to use this  
technique with bgdrb. I am busy this week setting up engine yard but  
next week when I get back home I could try to add something to handle  
this so it doesn't get killed off.


On Aug 27, 2006, at 5:52 PM, Klein, Michael wrote:

> I use RoR/BackgrounDRb on Dreamhost, and I do just what you're  
> saying -- if I get an "unable to connect" error from the MiddleMan,  
> I restart the server and retry. After 3 failed retries, I bubble  
> the exception up.
> Ezra -- is there a way to code this (optional, obviously) autostart  
> behavior into the MiddleMan class itself? I can never remember  
> whether the MiddleMan is local and the workers remote, or whether  
> the MiddleMan itself is undumped.
> Michael
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> Hi there!
> I just have discovered this wonderful plugin a few days ago and I  
> uploaded a
> little test to my Dreamhost account. I simply got a worker that  
> resizes an
> image that the user uploads.
> So this morning I launched the BackgrounDRb server on my account  
> with the
> rake task and began to upload some test images. The server daemon  
> has been
> executing until a few minutes ago, I suppose because of Dreamhost's  
> watchdog
> that killed the process. So my RoR application could be capable of
> restarting the server if it detects that is down, right? I mean  
> that I think
> I can code it, but I would like to hear someone's else experience  
> or if it's
> just a crazy idea :-)
> I know I could put a spinner near the file_field until the image gets
> resized and forget about the Workers... but I like the idea of the web
> application doing some work behind the scenes.
> If anyone cares, I'm coding a flickr-like application for fun and  
> for my
> sister's wedding. :-)
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