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Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 03:28:05 EDT 2006

On Aug 28, 2006, at 12:02 AM, Ben Johnson wrote:

> I figured instead of asking a question I would share some useful  
> knowledge I learned this week. Maybe you already know this, maybe  
> you dont.
> If you use backgroundrb to run an "infinite" loop, or create many  
> threads, or do quite a bit of processor intensive tasks, and you  
> notice that its running kind of slow, it might not be a bad idea to  
> have multiple backgroundrb processes running, especially if you  
> have a dual core processor or more than 1 processor. I am on a  
> server with 2 dual core processors. I noticed under the "top"  
> command my background process was reaching 99% of the CPU. This was  
> because it was only utilizing 1/4 of the power the server had to  
> offer. Anyways, I modified backgroundrb quite a bit. To the point  
> where I can make a change in the configuration file and allow the  
> start script to create as many processes as I need.
> Needless to say I saw speed increases of over 10 times what it used  
> to be.
> All that you have to do is evenly distribute your tasks among the  
> many processes.
> Maybe this will help someone, who know, but its worth putting into  
> this list.
> Thank You,
> Ben Johnson
> E: bjohnson at contuitive.com


Hey Ben-

	Care to share your enhancements?

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