[Backgroundrb-devel] Dreamhost issues

Vicente Reig vicente.reig at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 13:55:45 EDT 2006

Hi there!
I just have discovered this wonderful plugin a few days ago and I uploaded a
little test to my Dreamhost account. I simply got a worker that resizes an
image that the user uploads.
So this morning I launched the BackgrounDRb server on my account with the
rake task and began to upload some test images. The server daemon has been
executing until a few minutes ago, I suppose because of Dreamhost's watchdog
that killed the process. So my RoR application could be capable of
restarting the server if it detects that is down, right? I mean that I think
I can code it, but I would like to hear someone's else experience or if it's
just a crazy idea :-)

I know I could put a spinner near the file_field until the image gets
resized and forget about the Workers... but I like the idea of the web
application doing some work behind the scenes.

If anyone cares, I'm coding a flickr-like application for fun and for my
sister's wedding. :-)

Vicente Reig Rincón de Arellano
mvl: 679 980 411
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