[Backgroundrb-devel] Worker pool worker for page scanners: lost connection to mysql

P. Mark Anderson mark at martianrover.com
Thu Aug 17 17:15:54 EDT 2006


I want to scan many URLs simultaneously with a new scanner worker for  
each URL, but I keep getting Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL.   
Yes, allow_concurrency=false.

Each scanner thread needs access to my ActiveRecord models to store  
discovered feeds and whatnot.  There is a DB table called page_scans  
that acts as a big queue holding URLs waiting to be scanned.

It would be nice to run a worker that spawns up to 10 scanner workers  
at a time to chip away at the queue, but first I need to figure out  
what kinds of problems kill the mysql connection in a worker.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


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