[Backgroundrb-devel] newbie needs help

mattp at digimonkey.com mattp at digimonkey.com
Wed Aug 16 13:01:26 EDT 2006

I'm sure this is the billionth newbie help request on here, but I sure  
am hitting my head against the wall on this.

I've tried numberous of Ezra's examples that I was able to find  
online.  The best I'm able to get is nothing happens and development  
log says:

NoMethodError (undefined method `progress' for #<PingWorker:0x3a786c0>):
     /app/controllers/operations_controller.rb:13:in `get_progress'

Any ideas?  I'm sure there's a basic thing I'm not doing right... but  
I couldn't figure out what that might be, based on the documentation.


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