[Backgroundrb-devel] making backgroundrb cron

Charles Brian Quinn me at seebq.com
Tue Aug 1 09:48:44 EDT 2006

Take a look at rails_cron -- however, I'm with you in that you could
probably combine these projects easily -- making backgroundrb the
system of record.  I'm not sure the state of rails_cron development
these days.  Configuration for rails_cron is a db table and a process
that polls every minute.

If you commit/patch, I'd be happy to test/contribute as well!
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On 8/1/06, Michael Siebert <info at siebert-wd.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> i need to have some jobs scheduled in the background and executed at
> specific times. I wanted to make a worker who does that - and it works a
> little bit - but i had an enlightment... why not make bgdrb itself play that
> role? i mean, the MiddleMan has already everything needed! a timer thread,
> currently used only for deleting old workers and the workers itself. since
> im not familiar with threads, are ther some things i could break by adding a
> few options to backgroundrb.yml and a worker start in the
> MiddleMan#start_timer? or am i the only one who needs that so comiting it
> would be senseless? (but i dont think since i have at least two of my
> projects where i would need such a facility)
> and if so, how could the configuration be done? best would be something that
> can be changed and added by runtime while being preserved over various
> starts and stops... or something of rails magic:
> class FooWorker < BackgrounDRb::Rails
>   repeat_every 24.hours
>   start_at tomorrow.midnight
>   def do_work
>     @logger.info 'i will appear on midnight every day from now!'
>   end
> end
> but since thats magic, i dont really know how that would work, but its more
> the rails way than an entry in backgroundrb.yml i think
> what do you think of it?
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