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Fri Mar 6 14:38:10 EST 2009

Hey Bryan!How are you doing? Ok, it was a problem with the version of ruby,
it doesnt work with ruby 1.9 but Ruby. So everything is installed now but it
doesnt recognize any of the command, those are written in the documentation.
For ex. When i write antfarm db --initialize...
it says antfarm command not found, also when i check for the package if its
installed or not, its not there. what can be the problem?
And also i am trying to implement it on Ubuntu...Is there a chance that
antfarm is not compatible with Ubuntu and works on some other version of
I would really appreciate your reply.

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 8:47 AM, Bryan Richardson <btricha at> wrote:

> Hi Gurjaspal,
> Most likely the problem is with building the native gem extensions for
> SQLite3, which means you probably don't have either the SQLite3 library
> development files installed, and/or the ruby development files installed.  I
> suggest making sure libsqlit3-dev and ruby1.9-dev are installed.
> As a side note, I've never tested ANTFARM with Ruby 1.9, so no guarantees
> there. :)
> --
> Bryan
> 2009/2/27 Gurjaspal Singh <singh.gurjaspal at>
>> Hey Bryan!Ok i solved it. i wasnt logged in as root but now it shows a
>> different error.
>> The error is:
>> Failed to build gem native extensions.
>> /usr/bin/ruby1.9 extconf.rb install antfarm
>> extconf.rb:1:in '<main>'
>> So what kind of error is this and how can i solve it. Reply would be
>> really really appreciated.
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>> Thanks and Regards,
>>  Gurjaspal Singh
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Gurjaspal Singh
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