[s3-dev] Copy between buckets

joshua at crackcreative.com joshua at crackcreative.com
Tue Jan 27 15:59:59 EST 2009

What's the state of this feature?  I see in the list archives it was  
recently discussed, but has it been implemented?

A patch was proposed some time ago, but doesn't seem to work on the  
current revision, and it's unclear what gem release this was for:


It's my understanding at the moment that one can only get ssl to  
buckets that do not have '.' in them.  Whereas sub-domain paths must  
have standard domain name style dots.  To handle this we are uploading  
to a foo_incoming bucket and need to copy to a subdomain.foo.com  
bucket.  Perhaps later we can solve this by getting a signed cert for  
*.foo.com, but that's not in the cards at the moment.

I'd very much appreciate this feature being implemented if it has not  
yet been in 0.5.1.  If it has I'd appreciate a tip on using it.


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