[Alexandria-list] Launchpad it's cool for translation

Cathal Mc Ginley cathal.alexandria at gnostai.org
Sat Jan 5 13:26:42 EST 2008

On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 12:22 +0100, Adrián Chaves Fernández wrote:
> I've heard you talk about Launchpad, I'm not sure in what way,
Ack! Rumours... This is like stamping out a brush fire!! :^)

>  but I want to say that Launchpad is a good translation tool.

You mean the Rosetta part of it, of course. Personally, I'm opposed to
the Launchpad platform on principle: I think it would be a shame if a
free software project like Alexandria were to switch to a proprietary
translation support tool when:
  1) I can see no pressing need to use such a tool
  2) There are free software alternatives, even if there were a need

>  This way
> Alexandria translations can be done by more than one person, so less
> work. Only to say this.

I'm not sure this is a major concern for a project as small as
Alexandria, with 282 translatable strings. We have small translation
teams - individuals in fact. I'm not sure we could find enough
contributors to have more than one translator in any language. If there
ever were more than one translator on one team, e-mail would probably be
an effective form of collaboration.

Actually, I wouldn't mind knowing if the translation teams 
( http://alexandria.rubyforge.org/features/translations.html ) have any
technical needs during the redesign period. Usually, the Alexandria
translators are like magicians - I send out notice of a string freeze
and a few days later, translated po files come streaming in. They seem
to exist on a higher plane :^D

If translators actually wanted a web-based collaboration interface, we
could always set up Pootle which is free software (GPL).

I'm currently translating Alexandria into Irish, with the help of family
members. I wouldn't actually want an external collaborator, since most
likely they would speak a different dialect and we'd end up with a
mish-mash translation. Would this not also be true for Galician?


   - Cathal Mac Fhionnlaoich.
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