[Alexandria-list] Move trackers from Rubyforge to Launchpad?

Cathal Mc Ginley cathal.alexandria at gnostai.org
Sat Jan 5 02:52:07 EST 2008

On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 19:41 +0000, L.C. Karssen wrote: 
> As Cathal mentioned in his blog I've been working on triaging bugs in
> the Rubyforge tracker (thanks for the compliments Cathal!) during the
> christmas holidays. I agree with him that we should be looking out for
> something different to track our bugs, feature requests, etc.

I never actually said we should look for a replacement. I was just
grumbling, really. It'd be a very big deal to ditch a Tracker - we'd
have two separate ID systems so that #13302 would no longer be an
unambiguous reference to a bug report.

>  One of the
> things I missed most was the ability to search for bugs that were NOT
> part of a certain categorie or group. For example, since by the title
> alone I could not always remember whether I had already triaged a bug or
> still needed to look at it, it happened that I visited many of the bugs
> again and again. Very inefficient. 

I figure this is part of the general drawback of web-based programs on
any server that you don't control. There's always some view of the data
you can't get to, and always some extra attribute you'd like to add.
Ideally (as in, I don't have time for this - and it's probably a huge,
pointless tangent to the job at hand) I'd hack up a ruby-gnome2
front-end to the RubyForge Tracker which would download all the bug
information into a form I could manipulate as I pleased, to organize
bugs localy on my own machine, and with a module which allowed me to
upload changes to the Tracker.

In other words, it's just idle ramblings. :^D Which is why I put it on
my journal rather than this list. This post should have been tagged
"wild speculation about the great software that I really should write
one of these days" (Though it was indirectly implied
http://www.gnostai.org/journal/about/ ) 

As for actually switching Trackers, that would consume a lot of project
energy when we really only have just enough energy to start thinking
about writing down our requirements. 

In any case, the scale of the bug triage problem we have is now nearly
manageable (largely thanks to Lennart). 58 reports open under Bugs, 71
under Feature Requests. When they're both under 50 the limitations I
mentioned won't be as serious or noticeable. For new individual reports,
the RubyForge Tracker does the job very well. It's certainly not near
the unwieldy 1800 reports Inkscape had to deal with.

I must also say that I personally don't like Launchpad, and I don't
think we need any of its features. I think the current loose RubyForge /
Wiki / Developer Journals way of doing things better suits a program
with very sketchy specifications and a tiny developer base like
Alexandria. I quite like the way it's working at the moment.

I will help out more with the bugs though... :^)

   -   Cathal.
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