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Subject: 	Re: [Alexandria-list] Alexandria SVN crash when loading library
Date: 	Sun, 23 Sep 2007 09:51:11 +0100
From: 	Ian Davey <unapersson at linuxmail.org>
To: 	Cathal Mc Ginley <cathal.alexandria at gnostai.org>
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Cathal Mc Ginley wrote:
> I've also figured this out, if a Book has no ISBN, it's ident is the
> hash code of its title. (Which is not guaranteed to be unique, of
> course).
I've got lots of pre-ISBN books, and several duplicates with different 
covers using the same ISBN, so having the ISBN as a key for the filename 
has always been a bit of an issue. I used to enter one using the ISBN, 
then miss out the ISBN to use the title hash for the others.

I was working on some patches for Alexandria at one point, but started 
having some problems with my Ruby install and even getting it to run. 
I'd had some interest in adding some "reading management" style 
functionality and looking at the slowness with libraries having 1000+ books.

To check out the source code via svn do you just need a rubyforge account?


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