[Alexandria-list] Another introduction

Thomas Lockney tlockney at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 13:41:33 EST 2007

Since introductions seem to be the in thing...

I've also just joined the project. Of course, this somewhat happened by 
accident. I was nearing the point of writing a quick webapp (using 
Camping, most likely) to track the books I have been reading when I 
remembered Alexandria and decided to poke around with it a bit to see if 
I got an ideas or could maybe build the functionality I needed on top of 

I checked the latest code out from SVN and almost immediately found a 
bug. I dug around until finding the solution and put a patch up on the 
tracker. Next thing I knew, I had been added to the project! ;~)

I'm really excited about digging in and seeing if I can lend a hand and 
maybe along the way get some new features added.

I've been coding Ruby on and off for about 4 years now. Mostly off, but 
I keep finding fun little things to hack on to keep me sane, so I'd 
still consider myself somewhat adept at it. I've also done a tiny bit of 
fiddling around with Gtk in C, so I'm hoping my basic understand of it 
from that angle will translate well to figuring out the Ruby side of things.

I dug around in the code for a couple hours the other day and found a 
lot of places where it looks like some heavy refactoring could really 
improve things. I'm planning to check out the tests/specs and see what's 
there and see if I can add to them a bit.

I also noticed that there seem to be loads of outdated tickets in the 
tracker. If no one is opposed, I'd be happy to run through some of them 
and close out things that look like they have been dealt with already.


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