[Alexandria-list] Now Alexandria supports music CDs, movie DVDs, games, ...

Marco Costantini costanti at science.unitn.it
Sat Feb 24 13:15:27 EST 2007

Dear all,
now Alexandria supports music CDs, movie DVDs, games, ...
this require the svn version or the forthcoming version, and is done using the 
provider thalia.de. Of course thalia.de continue to support books. 
(thalia.de is the buyer of Amadeus Buch, a provider used in the past.)
Simply enter the ISBN or EAN code, as usual, and if it is known by thalia.de, 
it will be cataloged.

For CDs and DVDs, the EAN number, with 13 digits is required.
If the number reported on the CD is shorter, just prepend some 0, to make it 
13 digits long. Some Barcode scanners can be configured (by something like 
"enable EAN") to do this automatically.


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