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Ralph Mitchell ralphmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 01:19:13 EDT 2006

A couple of years ago I threw together a book collection database using PHP
& MySQL.  It has a table for authors, a table for publishers and a table for
the books.  A friend at work was thinking about setting up the same kind of
thing because both he and his brother have book collections and would like
to be able to see what they each have.  They're in different cities, which
makes casual sight access tedious...

Anyway, one thing he talked about was a way to see what *new* books have
been added recently.  So, I guess a date-added field would be needed.  Then
you could search based on time added, rather than by author, genre, title,

I gave the guy a copy of my code, but he probably didn't do anything with
it.  He couldn't even get Apache working under Window XP, even after
watching me do the exact same thing and taking a copy of my config file...

Ralph Mitchell

On 6/7/06, Laurent RICHARD <laurent.richard at ael.be> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> this little mail to present and introduce this projet to you.
> So my name is Laurent RICHARD and you might know me under the nickname
> Kouran on IRC.
> I'm a good pal of lrz and with him I found a way to combine my wish to
> learn and use Ruby and the neccessity of finding a subject for my final
> work in my evening classes. Indeed, I have learned Computer Science for
> three years. At the end of next year (it means June 2007 or September
> 2007), I will have to give to the school a software as proof of my
> knowledge and my capacity to code :)
> And here comes alexandria.
> With the arrival of RoR, lrz and I have thought of porting alexandria on
> web with RoR.
> All the features (minus some not applicable to web) and many more will
> be added.
> As so, we need your support, ideas of features and of course comments.
> Please feel free to talk about anything interest you. A list of prior
> features will be done by the end of August in order to serve as
> mandatory features to the application.
> Hope to read you soon.
> Laurent (the other)
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