[Alexandria-list] [alexandria-list][link] Proposal for new website

Laurent Sansonetti laurent.sansonetti at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 11:42:44 EST 2006

Hi David,

Sorry for the late response.  I have been quite busy recently with my
daily job :/

On 2/19/06, David Alston <david.alston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
>      I'm having trouble getting a hold of Laurent, so I'll just put a link
> to what the direction I'm going with the alexandria website... I'm not
> interested in taking it over.. just redesigning the look.
>      Please note, the CSS is designed for Firefox browsers.. it looks
> ghastly in IE, and I haven't checked it with Safari yet.. but those can be
> fixed with time..
>      I'm still getting feedback on it.. feel free to AIM me at w00dw04k5 if
> you're on that network.

Thanks for your proposal, it looks pretty good (and BTW it seems to
properly render in Safari).

Just a though, I am not that in love with the woody theme, but this is
a very big step from the current version :-)

Also I would like to have one HTML page per 'section' (about,
features, etc...).  Would it be possible for you to create them?  Also
as the current About section is not that big I propose that we merge
the features there.

Can you create and send me your RubyForge account so I can add you in
the project list?  You will therefore be able to commit the new
website on CVS and publish it via SSH (of course on a 'private' web
directory, let's keep the big surprise for the next release :-)).


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