[Alexandria-list] Debian packages for alexandria-0.6.0 and Ruby/ZOOM-0.2.0 available

Laurent Sansonetti laurent.sansonetti at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 06:33:32 EDT 2005

Hi John,

On 9/23/05, John Stoffel <john at stoffel.org> wrote:
> >>>>> "David" == David Weinehall <tao at acc.umu.se> writes:
> David> Huh?  The Alexandria 0.6.0 package you sent provide at that URL
> David> doesn't put any file in /usr/local...
> Hmmm... I could have sworn it did.  Oh well, time to start learning
> how Ruby works and how to muck with it's install setup.  Basically, I
> need to tweak the ruby/zoom stuff to install into
> /usr/lib/ruby/... instead I guess.
> But again, from what I've read, there are changes in how ruby puts
> stuff into Debian.
> David> Still, the issue remains: as long as the package installs
> David> anything in /usr/local, it violates a *must* requirement, it is
> David> a bug with severity serious, and thus release critical --
> David> i.e. totally unfit for release...
> I agree, I think we need to follow the debian standard here.  I just
> didn't know how to make it happen.  I don't know Debian packaging, nor
> do a I know the ruby language.  I'm slowing learning both.  *grin*
> Hmmm... looking in /usr/share/doc/ruby/ruby-policy.txt.gz, it seems to
> imply that stuff needs to go in /usr/local/...  What do you think, esp
> about section 1.6?  And looking at section 2.1, I think I might need
> to make ruby/zoom become
>         libzoom-ruby0.2
> instead.  Or actually it should probably be
>         libyaz-ruby0.2
> according to those standards.  Laurent, what do you think about a
> possible name change?

Well in fact ZOOM is a standard, and it appears that YAZ is a
implementation of that standard.  If another free implementation is
available, Ruby/ZOOM could also support it.  So I do not think it is a
good idea to change the name.


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