[Alexandria-list] alexandria should add book metadata even if one is found without a front cover image.

Laurent Sansonetti laurent.sansonetti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 19:03:01 EDT 2005


On 7/22/05, henk at step.polymtl.ca <henk at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
> cool app and keep up the great work!

Thanks, glad you like it :-)

> and btw, i think alexandria should add a book also when no front cover
> image is found
> otherwise, it makes for a lot of unnecessary extra manual data entry.

Normally you should be able to add a book that has no cover image.

> using the same ISBN list alexandria found only 6 books whereas tellico
> found 6 with images and 20 without using the same db [amazon US]!

I gave your list a try with the current CVS version and found that 31
books could be imported (out of the 35), with 3 with images.

This may be different, depending of the order of the providers.

> also alexandria's import would choke with a not very descriptive error
> message if the ISBN ended in a lowercase 'x' instead of uppercase 'X'

This has been fixed in CVS, final 'x' characters are now automatically
converted to 'X'.



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