[Alexandria-list] exporting to bibtex

Claudio Belotti bel8 at lilik.it
Thu Aug 25 07:33:16 EDT 2005

Hi Laurent, hi all,
	congratulations for the new alexandria release!
As I want alexandria to export to bibtex format, I added an "export_as_bibtex" to export_library.rb, this is just an alpha version I wonder if you are interested in adding it to alexandria.

What it does:
- export to a .bib file each book is a @BOOK entry 

   author = "The Author",
   title = "The Title",
   publisher = "The Publisher",
   year = 2005 }

	1 - for the moment I used ISBN as a citation_key, this as to be changed (should be unique but also easy to remind)
	2 - latex-escaping has to be implementented
	3 - year is a mandatory entry in latex book, but there isn't such a field in alexandria books 

Any suggenstion on issues 1,2,3?


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