[Alexandria-list] hacktivity

Laurent Sansonetti lrz at gnome.org
Sat Apr 9 17:36:42 EDT 2005


Some hacktivity during the latest days:

1/ I have introduced the concept of abstract providers.  These providers
can be instantiated from the preferences dialog, in the providers tab,
when the expert settings check-box in on.  For the moment there is only
one abstract provider: Z39.50 (based on Ruby/ZOOM).

This feature is not complete yet: the instances are not persistent (I am
still thinking where to record them) and the ZOOM provider is still

2/ An idea from my girlfriend: tagging icons representing books with a
rating of 5 with a heart icon.

This one is done: http://rubymonks.org/~lrz/alexandria_favorites.png 

(The heart icon is stolen from the Nautilus project.)

Some thoughts:
 - We could do the same with loaned books, but I need an icon for that.
 - We could let the user specify his/her own tagging (in the preferences
dialog, in a new tab), using criteria like the smart library idea.

Happy week end


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