Skills profile for : Joe Terry (knowself)

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Project Ruby and Life after Programming ... Oct 2001 Dec 2005 Starting in October 1991, I was laid off of a hard-core Java programming project and began looking at alternatives to programming ... filmmaking, general business, etc. I'm currently a partner in a computer retail company ... and always looking ...
Project Java Jan 1996 Oct 2001 Began in 1996 and worked through October, 2001 as Java programmer.
Project C, C++ Jan 1981 Dec 1996 Began working in 1981 and worked heavily through 1991 as C, C++ programmer.
Project Started programming in COBOL.... Jun 1980 Dec 1983 Started programming in 1979 as COBOL programmer, have since worked in BASIC, Forth, Assembler(8088, 6502, 99000), Java, Pascal, C, C++, and Ruby Of course. My last COBOL job was in 83 ... I miss it.