Skills profile for : Simon Strandgaard (neoneye)

TypeTitleStart DateEnd DateKeywords
Project switched from Linux to Mac Feb 2005 Mar 2005 From the first time I saw the mac mini I was in love. It wasn't difficult to switch.
Investigation javascript Oct 2004 Dec 2004 on my job I learned javascript. It has many things in common with Ruby. Throughl Ruby is more superior.
Project regexp engine Mar 2004 Dec 2003 I wrote a ruby compatible regexp engine in ruby. It was very educational.
Project switched from C++ to Ruby Jan 1996 Jul 2003 I had been good at C++ for a long time, then I switched to Ruby. I've put many efforts in studying Modern C++ Design (Loki). I am used to STL and Boost. I love optimization and templates.
Investigation ruby-libraries I use often Jul 2003 Jul 2003 fxruby, ruby/gtk, rubysdl, ruby/ncurses, mod_ruby, ruby/mysql, rubyunit, install.rb, setup.rb, cgi.rb, cgi-lib.rb, fileutils.rb.
Investigation ruby embedded into c++ Feb 2003 Apr 2003 I am working on a frontend for AEditor written in C++. I spend 2 months on figuring out how to do it smartest (SWIG). Still it puzzles me, but I think I now master it.