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Release Name: 0.4.0

Supported platforms

Operating System    Architecture       Informix       CSDK
Solaris 9              SPARC           9.40FC6       2.90UC3
Linux Fedora Core 4     i386          10.00.UC3R1    2.90UC4
Linux Fedora Core 5     i386          10.00.UC3R1    2.90UC4
SuSE Linux 9.3          i386           9.30TC1       2.90UC4
Windows XP Pro SP       i386           9.40TC3       2.90TC1
Windows XP              i386           9.30TC1       2.90TC4
HP-UX 11.11            PA-RISC 2.0    10.00.FC3R1TL  2.81

Changes: 0.4.0 12/13/2006 ------------------ New features: * Support for multiple connections to databases * Support for scroll cursors. Methods available: - [], slice - prev, next, first, last, current - prev_hash, next_hash, first_hash, last_hash, current_hash - slice!, prev!, next!, first!, last!, current! - slice_hash, prev_hash, next_hash, first_hash, last_hash, current_hash! - slice_hash!, prev_hash!, next_hash!, first_hash!, last_hash!, current_hash! * New Cursor#id method that returns the cursor name for use in update cursors Bugs fixed: * Memory for input parameters was allocated before statement/cursor preparation but not freed if preparation failed.