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Release Name: 0.1.0

Turn this


Into this

      test_alt                                                            PASS
      test_alt_eq                                                         PASS
      test_bad                                                            FAIL
          ./test/test_my_class.rb:64:in `test_bad'
          <false> is not true.
      test_foo                                                            PASS
      test_foo_eq                                                         PASS
      test_method_a                                                       PASS
      test_method_b                                                       PASS
      test_method_c                                                       PASS
    pass: 7,  fail: 1,  error: 0
    total: 15 tests with 42 assertions in 0.018 seconds

By doing this

  require 'turn'

And, if the 'facets' gem is installed (and your terminal supports ANSI color
codes) all this will be printed out in glorious and amazing technicolor!

Changes: Version 0.1.0 / 2006-11-10 * initial release