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Release Name: REL-0.4.0

Notes: Release 0.4.0 is a minor release with bug fixes and some minor new functionality. The biggest change is that FileLists will now defer searching the file system until the first method call where they are needed. Include and exclude methods only make note of the file names and patterns. The first time a method is called that actually needs a file name from the list, the FileList object will then search the directories for matching files. This allows a user to specify a complicated and potentially time comsuming FileList and not have it resolved unless it is really needed. Other minor changes include: * Support for VAR=VALUE on the command line (values are treated as environment values in ENV). * Better use of File.mtime to fix some problems on Windows platforms.

Changes: == Version 0.4.0 * FileList now uses deferred loading. The file system is not searched until the first call that needs the file names. * VAR=VALUE options are now accepted on the command line and are treated like environment variables. The values may be tested in a Rakefile by referencing ENV['VAR']. * File.mtime is now used (instead of == Version 0.3.2.x * Removed some hidden dependencies on rubygems. Tests now will test gems only if they are installed. * Removed Sys from some example files. I believe that is that last reference to Sys outside of the contrib area. * Updated all copyright notices to include 2004.