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Release Name: 0.2.0

Supported platforms:

Operating System    Architecture       Informix	      CSDK


Solaris 9              SPARC           9.40FC6       2.90UC3

Linux Fedora Core 4     i386          10.00.UC3R1    2.90UC4

Linux Fedora Core 5     i386          10.00.UC3R1    2.90UC4

SuSE Linux 9.3          i386           9.30TC1       2.90UC4

Windows XP Pro SP       i386           9.40TC3       2.90TC1

Windows XP              i386           9.30TC1       2.90TC4

Changes: 0.2.0 04/24/2006 ------------------ New features: * Methods added to SequentialCursor: - fetch_hash_many(n), fetch_hash_all - each_by(n), each_hash_by(n) - fetch!, fetch_hash!, each!, each_hash! where !-methods reduce object creation by reusing the same result object in each call Remarks: * fetch*many and fetch*all methods now return [] instead of nil when no records are found Bugs fixed: * When freeing a cursor that was opened but never used, a segmentation fault occurred