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Release Name: vpim-0.357

The primary focus this release was on high level accessor APIs for
vCard, integration of the Vcard::Maker::Vcard approach into Vpim::Vcard,
and finishing the accessor APIs for iCalendar.

My goals are high-level APIs for vCard and iCalendar encoding and
decoding. iCalendar encoding is the biggest chunk of work incomplete.

Nothing is ever done to the point where it can't be improved, but the
current state is:

- vCard 3.0 encoding - done
- vCard 3.0 decoding - done

- vCard 2.1 => kindof support, nothing further scheduled

- iCalendar decoding - done: event, todo, journal
- iCalendar decoding - done: rrule (some unimplemented features, but
  based on zero feedback plus my own experience, it seems to be good
- iCalendar decoding - todo: valarm
- icalendar encoding - todo... (it's going to look like Vcard

Changes: @2006-03-31: - Vpim::Vcard::Maker - the vCard maker is moved here - Vpim::Maker - deprecated - Vcard::make, Maker::Vcard#delete_if - new - Vcard::Maker#add_name - deprecate, see Vcard::Maker#name - Vcard::Maker#fullname= - deprecate, see Vcard::Maker#name - Added high-level vCard decoding API. - Beginning to depend on ruby1.8. I'm willing to try for backwards compat if I get feedback that this causes difficulties. - Icalendar#components - new - Icalendar#vevents - deprecated, see Icalendar#components - split Vtodo and Vjournal into own files - Added Recurrence module to Vtodo and Vjournal - Property::Common#sequence - new - Property::Common#attachments - new - Icalendar::Attachment - new