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Release Name: 1.2.2

Diff::LCS computes the difference between two Enumerable sequences using the
McIlroy-Hunt longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm. It includes utilities
to create a simple HTML diff output format and a standard diff-like tool.

This is release 1.2.2, fixing a bug that prevented comparison of values that
are not US-ASCII-compatible. Thanks to Jon Rowe for finding and providing most
of the work behind this issue. This is a recommended release.

Changes: == 1.2.2 / 2013-03-30 * Bugs Fixed: * Diff::LCS::Hunk could not properly generate a difference for comparison sets that are not US-ASCII-compatible because of the use of literal regular expressions and strings. Jon Rowe (JonRowe) found this in rspec/rspec-expectations#219 and provided a first pass implementation in diff-lcs#15. I've reworked it because of test failures in Rubinius when running in Ruby 1.9 mode. This coerces the added values to the encoding of the old dataset (as determined by the first piece of the old dataset). * Adding Travis CI testing for Ruby 2.0.