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Release Name: Open Campground 1.9 source

Notes: This is the tenth feature complete release. See the User Manual (included in the release) for details on the features and us e and installation of the system. This version of the system requires ruby, rak e and a supported database system. This release incorporates the following improvements to the system: 1 - Add translations of operational displays to French, Swedish and Dutch 2 - Enable negative payments 3 - Add remote reservations with paypal payments 4 - Feature request 29404: Change charges calculations to follow seasons 5 - Feature request 29251: Add multiple payments 6 - Feature request 29268: Define optional checkout time 7 - Feature request 29154: Add button to send email on reservation update 8 - Feature request 29339: Add warning if rig length is longer than space size 9 - Feature request 29310: Add extend link on in-park list 10 - Feature request 29271: Add rig count to in-park list 11 - Many minor changes and fixes of all known bugs

Changes: r688 check if season being deleted is in use and make days integer r687 Release 1.9 r685 cleanup before release r684 combine like functions remote and local r683 final updates to user manual r682 update user manual for 1.9 release r681 change french translations to unicode r680 ensure translations use correct version of number_to_currency r679 seasonal payments look complete r678 interum implementation of charging algorithm r677 catch the case where the user puts garbage in the exp date r676 enhance handling of credit card expirations r675 accept negative payment r674 minor corrections from release testing r673 improve message and handling of empty camper list r672 update group reservation r671 correct class conflict in migration r670 FeatureID 29268: define optional checkout time r669 discounts and taxes for seasonal rates r668 update database initialization r667 add acknowledgments for contributions r666 correct bug with display r665 featureId 29154: button to send email when reservr664 only show seasons if there is more than one r663 feature request 29404: Implementation of rates following seasons r662 add swedish and minor language updates r659 moved calculation helper from helpers to lib r653 paginate names in camper list for new reservation r652 feature request 29339: warn if length of rig longer than space size r651 feature request 29310: added extend link on in-park list r650 feature request 29208: make end date start off one day greater than start d ate in calendar date select r649 feature request 29271: count of rigs in park on in park list r648 feature request 29251: initial implementation of payments r647 let background of banner bleed through to image r644 only show mode if not in productiion r643 update windows startup script r642 minor corrections to translations r641 correct errors in handling of reservation with invalid credit card number r637 do not show spaces on remote if remote_reservable is false r636 add translations to remote r635 show current operating mode in banner r634 more french translations r633 add explanations for remote reservations r632 set a default locale r631 set up default language ation updated r630 correct and add translations r629 minor layout changes to work better r628 more improvements on internationalization r627 added date formats for French r626 make the side bar different size for different languages r625 add translation to dutch r623 initial working version with translations r622 add dummy paypay certificate file r621 implementation of remote reservations with paypal payments r620 add activemerchant to support remote payments r619 Corrections rolled in from maintenance branch bug id 29260: group id carried around too long, interfered with subsequent reservations correct action of group when doing show bug id 29164: changed strings to symbols on date access bug id 29152: mail template was not set properly bug id 29153 - make spaces position apply in all spaces lists r602 improve action when camper not found r597 added rescue for reservation not found situations r596 eliminate an error when user enters bogus reservation id