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Release Name: 1.3.0

Warbler is a gem to make a Java jar or war file out of any Ruby,
Rails, Merb, or Rack application. Warbler provides a minimal,
flexible, Ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for
deployment to a Java environment.

Changes: == 1.3.0 - Warbler can now package regular Ruby projects as executable jar files. See the README.txt file for details. - WARBLER-18: Heed BUNDLE_GEMFILE in environment - WARBLER-17: Allow config.excludes to work for files in public/ - GH#3, #12, #17: Properly bundle when BUNDLE_PATH is set or --deployment flag is used - JRUBY-5077, WARBLER-24: Gems from git repositories are now packaged correctly - GH#20: Ruby 1.9.2 support - GH#8: Clean up compiled .class files after building war - GH#15: Simplify detection of thread-safe Rails