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Release Name: 1.1.23

1.1.23 (wip)
  - Added net-ssh as unpacked gem dependency
  - Added some javascript / css optimisation (all.cs and all.js generated on first use) & partials
  - tested against sqlite3 1.2.5 
  - tested under Ruby 1.8.6 (398) & 1.8.7 (302)
  - changed clicker icon display to reflect ownership status a bit better - now shows currenly owned, past owned and not-owned in most lists of users
  - changed the working of Manual Student CSV import for Courses - so that new Users would be created if not found - in line with other forms of course imports
  - Minor text/UI changes on staff courses.
  - Added pagination and searching to list of users - releaving ongoing performance issues
  - Inclusion of will_paginate gem in vendor for easy installation