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= Release Note for rUtilAnts - v.

== Development status: Beta

== What's new in this release

Beta version with Cygwin support

== Detailed changes with previous version

* Changed copyright mentions.
* Platforms: Added i386-cygwin platform.

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Changes: = rUtilAnts Release History == (Beta) * Changed copyright mentions. * Platforms: Added i386-cygwin platform. == (Beta) === All modules * Changed DevStatus to Beta. * Corrected some typos when requiring rUtilAnts. * ForeignProcess: Implemented a way to run a method in an external process with Shell commands to execute before Ruby's invocation. Useful for LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings. === Logging module * Added functions to mute/unmute StdOut/StdErr * Added API to access the initial parameters given when initializing the module. * Added possibility to know the status of the debug mode using debugActivated? method. * Don't log anymore if Debug logs are activated/deactivated when the status remains the same. * Added logWarn. * Added getLogFile. * Bug correction: When logExc or logBug were called in a context not having any caller, an error occurred. === Misc module * Added changeDir method. === Platforms module * Added x86_64-linux platform. * Better error display when Platforms can't be loaded. * Bug correction: Windows' discrete executable extensions were not correctly listed. * Bug correction: If the platform was not supported, logBug could not be called correctly. * Bug correction: Platforms were not loaded correctly on case-sensitive file systems. * Bug correction: sendMsg on Windows did not work correctly with \n and messages exzceding 255 characters. === URLAccess module * Better comments. * HTTP requests use a different User-Agent.* * Bug correction: Since Ruby 1.8.6, it is needed to use File.expand_paht on Windows when mixing files separators. === URLHandlers module * Bug correction: HTTP file names could be invalid. == (Alpha) * Added possibility to mute stdout without muting stderr during initialization. * Adapted to last version of RubyPackager. == (Alpha) === All modules * Refactored requires for gain in startup performances. * Removed .rb suffixes in required files (better migration to .so if needed) * Renamed $CT_* variables into $rUtilAnts_* === GUI module * Modal windows having no parent get the top window as parent if possible. * Don't destroy modal windows having parents anymore, as it causes core dumps for applications using GarbageCollector. * Added SafeTimers and the corresponding API and Manager. * Give better errors in case of corrupted Bitmap files * Progress dialogs now use a correct modal behaviour. * Changed Progress Dialog API to generic parameters. * Progress dialog now respond to events and can be cancelled. * Added ProgressBars functionnality (both text and bitmap) * Forgot to remove some debugging traces. * Bug correction: On Linux, first call to end_modal did not close ProgressDialogs during the on_idle event. * Bug correction: Forgot to destroy orphan windows. * Bug correction: When dialogs with no parent were used, random crashes occured on the application * Bug correction: Corrected wrong placement of panels in progress dialogs. * Bug correction: Some favicons were not retrieved correctly when URLs were having suffices. * Bug correction: getBitmapFromURL was missing some extensions. === Logging module * Added a way to specify the log file in Logging module. * Bug correction: logBug did not check availability of showModal correctly. === Misc module * ZLib is tried in the default application local download paths if not already present. * extractZipFile returns a complete error instead of boolean. * Fixed typo in the rubyzip dependency. * extractZipFile overwrites already existing files instead of failing. * extractZipFile checks for its dependencies using RDI. === Platform module * Prohibited filenames for Linux platform completed. * Bug correction: On Linux, sending messages using xmessage did not work for complex strings. === Plugins module * getPluginInstance and accessPlugin can take a new parameter (RDIContextModifiers) to store applied context modifiers in case of installed dependencies. * Added more precisions in error encountered. * Added more precise exception classes * getPluginInstance returns errors instead of displaying them using logErr * Added some metadata to plugins' description (plugin and category names). * Added the possibility for descriptions to precise :Enabled property. * Changed some signatures to be more generic. * Added the possibility to include disabled plugins in lists. * Added getPluginsDescriptions in the API * Documented description's symbols used by rUtilAnts. * Added a way to get RDI Installer's main instance for dependencies insurance. * Bug correction: accessPlugin did not give Parameters correctly to getPluginInstance. * Bug correction: When asking for Plugins needing no dependency to be installed, getPluginInstance rejected plugins that have dependencies all resolved. === URLAccess module * HTTP: Check for HTTP errors before giving content. * Bug correction: Missing RedirectionError excpetion declaration. === URLCache module * Bug correction: When net library was not required, ending a Bitmap in error issued a bug. == (Alpha) * Initial public release