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Release Name: 1.0.0

kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising
exceptions on EAGAIN and EINPROGRESS.  It is intended for use with the
Unicorn and Rainbows! Rack servers, but may be used by other

* git://


A kinder, gentler I/O library for Ruby

Changes: commit e4d204c86e9420023ba3e4d8dbeb6b3fea8d6cf7 Author: Eric Wong Date: Tue Sep 28 00:27:44 2010 +0000 kgio 1.0.0 - initial release Documentation and release infrastructure updates and such... commit 8984b9556a3493570fbb4f747fce712d58f2cdd8 Author: Eric Wong Date: Tue Sep 28 00:07:43 2010 +0000 doc: TODO update commit 2c64a1fc07d3b9a80d112e3b0e2baa7ec29c2f47 Author: Eric Wong Date: Tue Sep 28 00:03:39 2010 +0000 read/write: account for buffer changes during wait It's possible for applications to modify the buffer during reads and writes, so make a best effort to account for those. commit f2ea9918655e8ee0576bee2950d16485031fc361 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 23:59:59 2010 +0000 tests: fix broken monster trywrite test Oops, use random data so it's easier to detect this. commit 7abc0eb3dd804c2e65660b7dd9c828df0e03b80a Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 15:09:44 2010 -0700 test_tcp*read_write: use blocking kgio_accept in setup Some OSes (FreeBSD 7.0) do not seem to setup connections as quickly. commit 95d2eae6a4da34c504427af6ae0ab4c8c70c0ce5 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 15:09:43 2010 -0700 set blocking flag before blocking IO#read Some older Rubies may not behave correctly otherwise commit 0806cac89f9d0e169b6c1e4da68c1ad66daa23ae Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 23:16:53 2010 +0000 tess: ensure buffer is cleared on failures No need to leak data. commit 50b86bf23063f3e6c3777b39c9464f73ccfd6ef5 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 22:55:52 2010 +0000 more documentation Somebody's gotta do it... commit 5123d66fe0b2dad67539a20fe5b91f5b9afd814a Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 16:56:13 2010 +0000 avoid initiating syscalls before rb_io_wait_* Some Ruby implementations (Rubinius) may call lseek and clobber the intended errno when looking up the open file, causing rb_io_wait_* functions to fail. commit 6c818b0b6f76ef733679bcea1024142b4ef3ce00 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 01:13:30 2010 +0000 add kgio_tryaccept, kgio_accept _really_ blocks We'll stick with the "try" prefix if we're going to be non-blocking. kgio_accept will favor a blocking accept() call where it's possible to release the GVL, allowing it to avoid thundering herd problems. Otherwise it'll use thread-safe blocking under Ruby 1.8. commit f81cb3c05a0eb46ec61ceb295b51ead16e6a0da4 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 00:57:14 2010 +0000 use SOCK_NONBLOCK for socket(2) if possible This saves us a relatively expensive fcntl() system call. commit 87cf3ce6185b9138032a5af53cecae98f8c93564 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 00:24:50 2010 +0000 connect: no do not leak descriptors on failure We cannot raise exceptions and expect GC to clean up after us until we've created an actual IO object. commit 6fbde1518578dd1b828efcecaf2caf893bddc110 Author: Eric Wong Date: Mon Sep 27 00:11:43 2010 +0000 "start" singleton methods for non-blocking connect These initiate (but do not wait for) non-blocking connects. commit fdfecc6d815bab8dfc1d8ad6758a66d44ab51e31 Author: Eric Wong Date: Sun Sep 26 07:51:12 2010 +0000 introduce kgio_try* methods Avoid altering behavior based on globals that Kgio.wait_{read,writ}able stored in, since that's too confusing. The non-try variants are closer to the normal IO read/write methods, except they can be more easily plugged into alternate reactors and event frameworks. commit d8ee79e1e5c6e6908009213324db25cf41c583ce Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 17:55:07 2010 +0000 kgio_read returns nil on EOF Just like IO#read commit af03e4471de3d3b91eec16e26e93a84d4a717116 Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 17:47:13 2010 +0000 split out reusable bits into separate headers No point in cluttering up the meat of our code. commit db53263856d864ba6273e6cac73011f699509d71 Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 01:36:13 2010 -0700 only use MSG_DONTWAIT under Linux MSG_DONTWAIT is less consistently implemented/supported on other platforms on stream sockets, so fallback to fcntl() + read()/write() for stream sockets. This also fixes our previously broken support of non-MSG_DONTWAIT systems. commit a82dc40c2a509c4ab692da34b572693f243fbfae Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 01:36:12 2010 -0700 write/send may fail with ECONNRESET Tested on FreeBSD 7.0 commit 0c60192621303f5e4ebd46d43a058de48126bc8a Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 01:36:11 2010 -0700 fix missing netinet/in.h include This is needed for FreeBSD 7.0, at least. commit 0beb82437f4ab0b8422e225080b234361092315e Author: Eric Wong Date: Sat Sep 25 08:15:13 2010 +0000 beef up the test suite We need to test server <-> client interaction more thoroughly since some systems don't implement everything right. commit 460e6b025896dee64b39d194d4c1a536129654de Author: Eric Wong Date: Thu Sep 23 22:56:44 2010 +0000 initial commit + release everything shou^Wmight be working...