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Release Name: 0.4.0

This project is inspired by kdesvn-build[].

It help in building and maintaining a development environment. It downloads
and configures sources and updates them later.

Changes: == 0.4.0 - Feature - Show a ansi terminal code based progressbar when compiling or installing in non verbose mode. That feature is courtesy of the ansi rubygem from ( The lib has some shortcomings. - Colorize output. Powered by the ansi module too. The lib has a shortcoming here. It does not check if the terminal supports colors. You will get some escape codes then. I will send a patch upstream. - Enhancements - Rework the way build-systems are handled. This makes it possible to solve the cmake issue with rpath handling by properly creating an inheritance between build-systems. It makes it possible to alter or overwrite build-system options too.